Aren Drex

Trader Back At Square One


Aren looks to be in his later twenties, usually wearing garb fit for a somewhat well to do merchant from the Core planets. He seems a friendly enough sort, if a bit quiet about anything not directly related to the business at hand.


“They teach most kids in The Works to keep your head down and forget about seeing – let alone reaching, for the stars. Those unlucky or stubborn enough not to heed that advice… well, those who are still alive at the end of the day are left with a hunger.

Credits. Ships. Women. Power. It’s never enough for the kids who had nothing to call their own when they got started.

Can’t say I know for sure why Kal turned. The others were screaming things about greed as they were getting spaced. Not that it matters much anymore, but I don’t think it’s that simple.

She doesn’t know I made it. Or if she does she hasn’t played anymore cards. That’s fine with me. Word is she’s gotten friendly with the Imps. Not much of a trail, but it’s something.

I’ll get my answers. But first, I need a new ship and a new crew."

Aren Drex

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