Dyans Diruno

A gambler looking to change his luck


Dyans stands 1.2 meters tall, a bit short for a Sullustan, who are already a short people. He, like most Sullustans have large round eyes and ears, where he differs, however is the small metal chain hanging off his right ear ending in a chance die. He seems an amicable sort, the kind of person to buy a round at the bar, but also the kind to leave before he pays up.


He was born on Sullust to a rather wealthy merchant family, and was raised well, if at a distant, he went to and was thrown out of, the best boarding schools money could buy, eventually settling into a job fixing skiffs for the local taxi service on Sullust. His love for gambling, however started to get more and more taxing and his day job didn’t quite cover his tabs, so he started doing freelance mechanical work. Those jobs didn’t quite cover it either, so he started taking the jobs that weren’t quite on the level. Two arrests and a large gambling debt later, he had lost his day job and was disowned from his family. Leaving Sullust, he promised himself to try to make things right, or just find a bigger casino.

Dyans Diruno

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