Geran Kolaff

A dishonored Imperial Captain

A man in his early thirties, Tall and impressively fit – he seems to take his duty very seriously. He is both fit and agile from years of practice spent fencing, With dark hair and dark eyes, his features are rather plain – except for a long scar that runs down the left side of his cheek.

Though he was alive to see the twilight of the Republic in his childhood, Geran Kolaff was inspired by a deep-rooted sense of loyalty to the Empire. Kolaff made a name for himself in the Imperial Academy for his incredible focus and relentless pursuit of his goals. During his time at the Academy, Kolaff made a name for himself as an remarkable duelist.

Those who worked with Kolaff once he became a Captain noted a unique streak in him when it came to Imperial officers – a strict adherence to a personal code of honor.

Kolaff was assigned the job of apprehending Walex Blissex – a task he succeeded in. Keeping a hold of Blissex however, ended up being a much more difficult task.

After an encounter with Rebel General Rix Gulum and the Starfall, Kolaff’s own star destroyer, The Subjugator, was heavily damaged which allowed the crew of Aren Drex to escape with Blissex.

Geran Kolaff

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