Mesa D'ulyr

Mistryl Shadow Guard


Mesa appears to be in her early twenties. Her long, dark auburn hair is usually coiled atop her head, braided and pinned with ornamental needles. She wears loose, decorative light clothing with tasteful jewelry, more often than not including a choker with a large black gem in the center.
She stands at an average height for a human of about 1.6 meters, and it’s apparent from her exposed skin that her build is lithe and wiry. Her violet eyes flicker frequently around her environment, lingering on objects of no seeming importance.



To say that it had been a hard life was an understatement. Mesa couldn’t remember a time before the razing, but the aftermath was seared into her soul. What little infrastructure had been left standing by the Empire was in shambles, and when Norre had found them a three-walled storefront to live in, it might as well have been a palace. Some nights they even had hawk-bats in a stew for dinner, and though the leathery meat took Mesa so long to chew that all of the flavor had gone by the time she could finally swallow, it was better than the slime molds they had when they couldn’t get anything else.

Mesa hadn’t realized that Norre was starving himself to keep her alive. How could she? Older minds than hers had tried to make sense of the situation and failed. Emberlene had been targeted by the Empire, the broadcasts said, and the Eleven were doing everything they could to feed the people—but it could be centuries before anything could grow on the land again.

That’s why when Norre had died, it had seemed like the only logical option. Joining the Mistryl Shadow Guard. Working off-planet. Sending whatever she could back. She had completed her training well enough, not with flying colors by any means, but with a dogged determination that had her retrying again and again any lesson she had failed. When they finally said she was good enough, they’d sent her to the Outer Rim. She didn’t know anything about her new boss, Aren Drex, but it was a job. And you never did know…maybe the opportunity to strike back at the Empire would present itself as well.

Mesa D'ulyr

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