Priska Roth

The Revenge of "Doctor" Roth


Priska appears to be in her early to mid twenties. She stands at 5’ 5" and has what seems to be a relatively average build usually obscured by the old burgundy coat she wears. Her hair is curly, kinky, and golden blonde and her curls are almost always seen dangling out from under a dusty pink knitted hat. She has warm brown, bordering on amber, eyes.


Priska comes from a family of mercenaries and bounty hunters. Though she never knew her father, her mother was once a relatively well known gun-for-hire, before she retired. Priska grew up knowing about guns, fighting, and placing loyalty only in credits and family. As soon as she was old enough to keep up, her brother, Gregor, employed her in his mercenary band. Initially her job was just to keep their comrades patched up and going, but she was eventually allowed to take up arms and join in the fighting with the rest of them.

The last that anything was heard of the band from anyone else was that Priska and Gregor had gotten into a grand argument right after taking a new job. It was the explosive sort of argument that started about one thing and soon expanded to include everything the other person had ever done wrong. That particular argument had started over mismanagement of funds and ended up on the topic of some man Priska had been seeing.

Now, the band of mercenaries and their ship are nowhere to be found, with the exception of Priska.

Priska Roth

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