Rix Gulum

A vengeful and ruthless Rebel General


Even one unfamiliar with Mon Calamari could pick Gulum out of a lineup – he is the one whose rounded head is half covered in scars. His reddish skin is said to sometimes change with his moods, growing more intense to match his equally intense moods – though such a tale sounds unlikely to those for familiar with Mon Calamari physiology.

One thing that is unmistaktable is Gulom’s right arm – which ends at the elbow, which is where his cybernetic arm and hand begins. The arm is an older model, and there is no attempt to disguise it with synthflesh as is the conventional means.


When his home was enslaved by the Empire, Rix Gulom saw many of his friends and family members die. While Gulom’s involvement in many resistance movements on his home world of Dac is common knowledge, there are few specifics – only the many scars he endured tell the tales that Gulom rarely speaks off.

Eventually, Gulom escaped Dac, where he joined up with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Gulom’s tactical abilities and leadership skills allowed him to accomplish great victories with very little.

Gulom quickly made a name for himself in the Rebel Alliance, and with a small task force, managed to capture an old Acclamator-class star ship manufactured from the Clone Wars that was still being utilized by the Empire. News of his victory helped to rally many people to the Rebellion’s cause, and before long the newly christened Starfall had a full crew to operate it.

Given the rank of General, Gulom took the Starfall on a campaign against the Empire, capturing more frigates, gunships, and corvettes to utilize in his fleet. Over time though, Gulom’s ruthless style of leadership lead to an ever-widening schism between those under his command and the other members of the Rebel Alliance.

Rix Gulum

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