Rolk Ernaz

A real reliable Asshole


Rolk was the kind of guy you’d feel nervous about if you caught him eyeing you someplace. A big guy who looked a little too used to trouble’s company, and dressed accordingly. He wore light and messy clothing over his ‘work attire’, giving him a sort of bulky look on top of his already large frame. The heavy laugh lines on his face made him look a little older, probably somewhere in his thirties, and he was usually smiling. Behind that broad grin there was something ugly in his eyes, a cold truth of the man Rolk really was for all his cheer and mirth.

Rolk Ernaz was not a nice man, and he probably wasn’t your friend.


“I need your help on something.”

The call had come late, later than sane people usually rang their friends. Though, I guess the two of them weren’t really friends. It was… complicated.

“What’s it paying?” Rolk rubbed a hand over his eyes, trying to force himself awake enough to talk business. Acquaintances or not, credits were credits. Everything had a price. There was still a pause at the other end of the line, even though the caller should have known better.

“Please, Rolk. Consider it for her sake.” The words went straight into Rolk’s ears and down to his gut, filling it with icy, searing bile. Son of a bitch. Emotions surged up inside of him, and he had to bite his tongue to keep from shouting back into the receiver. After a few moments he managed to calm himself. Managed to remember himself.

“Alright. You can count me in on this.” They were few and far between, but some things were more important than credits. Even to Rolk. “Tell me about the job.”

The Imperials ran a tight ship. That’s the problem with keeping things too tight, though… you squeeze too much, and you’re just going to pop open all sorts of cracks in the material. Before long you had some many little crevices in your hull you couldn’t even begin to think of filling them all in. So, you let the cracks tend to themselves, and if any of them get too big, then you fill them in.

There were always plenty of people willing to work in the gap between society’s watchful eye, and Rolk was one of those people. Honest work had never sit very well with him, and as he’d grown older he found himself doing the things others would balk at. The kind of things that kept some people up at night. He found it easier than some others, easier to drown out the bad and keep lining his pockets.

It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t pretty, but damn if it didn’t pay well. At the end of the day it didn’t really matter where you got the credits, so long as you had them.

Rolk Ernaz

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