Thea Hu

The Pilot, forever fleeing her own destiny


There is not much that is remarkable about Thea, she just seems like your standard Duros female. A good hand on a ship, keeps to herself, not much in the form of interaction or social skills. Usually wearing a flight shirt and trousers, as if to say she is prepared to hit space at any moment of her choice. If there is anything of any real note, its that she has a rather peculiar burn mark running up the side of her arm.


“Nice place, seems cosy. A little cramped but cosy. I can see why someone would want to settle in here. Not my thing – if it can’t fly I don’t really call it a home, but I can see how it would make do.

Me? Why am I here? I heard down at the cantina that you were looking for a pilot. Want to do some simple trading runs outside of the Hutt radar. Long boring trips back and forth, keep the locals happy. I came to sign up.

Experience, well, to be honest other than some nice referrals I don’t really have anything written on paper. I’m self taught in how ships work. I keep a good tag on newer models, but I haven’t landed a crash you couldn’t walk away from yet, so that’s gotta count for something.

I’m not much of a fighter, sir. Nor am I any kind of quick thinking scoundrel. Hell, I don’t think I’m much of a good liar sir. But I can tell you this, you give me that cockpit, a bedroll, and three square meals a day, and I’ll fly that baby from here to the heart of the empire and back for you. No questions asked.

…Alright… maybe two meals."

Thea Hu

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