Finishing Touches

We are just about ready to kick off the campaign. Here are the things I need from you:

  • A finished character sheet, sent to me at
  • If you can find some kind of portrait that represents some idea of what you think your character to look like, that helps too.
  • Register here on Obsidian Portal, and create an entry for your character at the “Characters” tab to the left. There, put some background information for your character. You don’t have to put everything – and if you want to keep some things secret from your fellow players, that is fine.
  • The last tricky step (I promise!): Go to and sign up for an account. These forums have an embedded dice roller for Edge of the Empire, and the forum here on Obsidian Portal is very bare bones. It would probably be easiest if you just make your account name there your character name.
Once you have an account, let me know and I will add you to our game. The point will be to use Obsidian Portal to organize all of the campaign info, and that forum to roleplay. Once you have access to the folder, I have a few posts that contain all the resources you ened to get started.

My goal now is to have everyone ready to play tomorrow, and kick things off tomorrow evening.

Krayt Dragon Coast

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