Daren Benthis

A wealthy investor backing the underdog


An older man – in his mid-sixties, though he looks young for his age despite the color having faded from his hair long ago. He bears no scars from seeing physical combat, and though he does not look particularly athletic, neither is he out of shape. He is well dressed in fine clothes from the core worlds- well kempt, and well-mannered – almost overly so.

Benthis is a lover of games – ranging from card games like sabaac, hologames, or even the galactic market.


Having made a vast fortune in the waning days of the Republic, Benthis continued to do well after the formation of the Galactica Empire – at least, at first. As Imperial law became more strict and interfered with his business, Benthis became more disgruntled with the new order.

Still, for such a careful man, it is uncertain as to what made Benthis decide to begin actively supporting the Rebellion. Always elusive of the question, Benthis simply answers that he has made a financial investment, and that he likes to be very hands on with projects his money is involved in.

Daren Benthis

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