Krayt Dragon Coast

Starfall (Part 1)

Season One, Episode One

Walex Blissex, renowned starship engineer and prominant leader of the Alliance to Restore the Republic,, had been taken prisoner by Imperial Captain Kolaff, aboard his star destroyer the Subjugator. Blissex, and a group of his fellow prisoners, including Aren Drex and his crew, escaped after the Subjugator came under attack by Rebel forces led by General Rix Gulom.

After descending down a treacherous malfunctioning turbolift during the battle between the Subjugator and Gulom’s Starfall, the party made it to the star destroyer’s engineering level. There, after the battle outside subsided, the group learned that the Subjugator’s self destruction sequence had been activated.

PC’s Involved: Aren Drex, Dyans Diruno, Mesa D’ulyr, Orrin Rhoad, Priska Roth, Rolk Ernaz, Thea Hu.

Rewards: Combined with the rewards of Starfall (Part 2).

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