The Mk1 is very large, with cavernous cargo bays. These are divided into the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Bays, with the Primary and Secondary being split over two levels. The Tertiary Bay can be used for standard cargo, at least any that can fit through the tight access ways either side of the main reactor, but is most often either left empty, or configured to provide passenger space.

Silhouette: 5
Speed: 5
Handling: -2
Defense: Forward 1, Port 1, Starboard 1, Aft 1
Armor: 4
Hull Trauma Threshold: 32
Strain Threshold: 20

Primary Hyperdrive: Class 2
Backup Hyperdrive: Class 14
Navicomputer: Yes
Consumables: Three months
Encumbrance Capacity: 850
Customization Hard Points: 5
Weapons: None


Everything is in order. The ship’s piloting computers, sensors, and navicomputer are all intact and are of average quality, providing no bonuses or penalties.

Engine Room

Everything is in order. The ship’s sublight drive, hyperdrives, and reactor core are all of average quality, providing no bonuses or penalties.

Medical Bay

The ship hardly has anything you can call a medical bay – not yet at least. Though it is easy enough to designate an area as a medical bay, the ship lack’s the proper tools to provide any sort of bonuses to medical checks.


There is a basic armory with weapons lockers on board, however there are no tools to assist in the creation or implementation of modifications on weapons.

Cargo Bay

There is nothing currently in the cargo bay.

Launch Bay

The ship does not have a launch bay, though there are modules in the cargo holds that can be adapted into airlocks to make for a launch bay.






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